Hi, my name is Adelle Trogdon and I am a holistic nutritionist from the Dallas, Texas area. I received my training from Hawthorn University. I have an undergraduate degree in Art and a master's degree in counseling. I love working with people and helping them relieve symptoms and discover their path to health.

I use holistic approach which means I'm considering the whole person and not just individual symptoms. We look at your unique physical make-up, dietary habits, and lifestyle. I focus on nutrition, emotional wellness, lifestyle, and stress relief. 

My Road to Health

My road to health has been long and winding! As a child I was addicted to sugar, sneaking sweet treats whenever I could. I was prone to depression which really intensified in my high school and college years. I also developed an anxiety disorder in college. And I used candy and food to help myself feel better.

During college I went through an anxiety program which helped me get a handle on my panic attacks. I decided to pursue a masters degree in counseling and loved studying every aspect of mental health. One tremendous benefit of my time in graduate school was that I also learned how to overcome my depression. 

In my mid 30s I began to experience a lot of digestive distress. I tried various diets to improve my symptoms and eventually discovered that I had become gluten intolerant. When I avoided gluten my bloating, nausea, and gas went away. I replaced all my gluten foods with gluten free and continued to eat the standard American diet. Then I began having gallbladder attacks! After about eight months of intermittent attacks they discovered I had a polyp and recommended the gallbladder be removed.

At first life seemed to normalize and I resumed my gluten free diet. But I began waking in the middle of the night in horrible pain. Through medical testing it was discovered that I had bile in my stomach which was causing gastritis and attacks of intense pain in my stomach and esophagus. I went on various medications, which didn't help. And had every test my GI could think of. Everything was normal, except for the bile in my stomach. 

After a year and a half of pain, I decided to seek out a nutritional therapist. She put me on a paleo type diet and a regimen of supplements. I began to feel better within days! As my symptoms began to subside,  I was amazed that diet made such a difference. 

While I still had a few symptoms as a result of the bile reflux, life improved a great deal and I decided to pursue training in nutrition. I found Hawthorn University and decided to take their nutrition consultant training. 

During my digestive struggles I was amazed at how little traditional medicine helped me. And I discovered that doctors have very little training in nutrition. It's my desire to help those who have had similar struggles and have given up hope of living a life without daily discomfort. We'll work to achieve balance and health for your body and mind.


Contact me to set up a free discovery call. You too can live a life without pain! 

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